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How to safely give WordPress access to your web designer without sharing your username or password // You don't have to share your personal login information to give access to WordPress website. Learn how to set up a temporary account for your web designer, web developer, virtual assistant, SEO, or other web professional. Pin this for later!

How to Share WordPress Access with Your Web Designer

Sharing access to your WordPress website is a deceptively awkward situation. It doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but let’s face it: you feel a little uncomfortable handing over your personal username and password. It’s not that your designer is going to steal your passwords and take controlRead More »

The Must-Have WordPress Plugins Every Website Needs

The Must-Have WordPress Plugins Every Website Needs

12 WordPress Plugins that will Improve Your Website WordPress out of the box is pretty great, but plugins are where the real fun is at. Plugins are the building blocks of your WordPress website. The right ones can add features, improve functionality, increase security, and boost speed. But where doRead More »