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The Complete Guide to WordPress Menus // Everything you need to know about WordPress menus--from creating your first WordPress menu to adding pages and categories to making dropdown menus. Whether you're a WordPress newbie or you've been around the block, you can learn a thing or two from this in-depth tutorial. Pin for later!

The Complete Guide to WordPress Menus

I don’t have to tell you how important your site menu is. You know that it’s the first place visitors look (except for maybe your logo) and that it tells them how to get around your website. That’s why you’re here, trying to learn how to use them. WordPress givesRead More »

Increase your blogging efficiency with quick edit: the most overlooked feature in WordPress

Increase your Efficiency with WordPress Quick Edit

Quick edit: the most overlooked WordPress feature WordPress has a ton of handy features that help you spend less time managing your website. That’s more time doing the work that you love. I could wax poetic on the ways in which I love WordPress, but I’ll save you the timeRead More »

You're selling yourself short by not learning all of the tools built into the WordPress visual editor.

How to Use the WordPress Visual Editor

The WordPress visual editor is the window you’ll use to input content for every single post and page on your website. It looks a little something like this: If you have a WordPress website, you’re going to be seeing a lot of this editor, so you might as well learnRead More »