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7 Simple Rules for Giving Great Design Feedback // Knowing how to communicate with your designer is the key to getting a website that you love. Take the pain out of giving design feedback with these tips. Click to read all 7!

7 Simple Rules for Giving Great Design Feedback

Client feedback is one of the most important parts of any design process. In fact, it might be the most important part. That’s why most designers make a point to ask for feedback early and often. As a web designer, my process looks something like this: mockups, feedback, revisions, feedback,Read More »

The ongoing costs of owning a website

The Ongoing Costs of Owning a Website

Websites aren’t a one-and-done expense. A lot of factors contribute to your overall website expenses other than the cost to build the actual website. You can expect to pay for several annual expenses once your website is up and running. The ongoing costs of owning a website can vary greatlyRead More »

4 signs a custom website isn't right for you

4 Signs a Custom Website Isn’t Right for You

When I was a sophomore in college, I joined the triathlon club. I’d been looking for a new active hobby, and triathlons had that allure that you only get from something that’s both exciting and terrifying. Unfortunately, triathlons are expensive because they require bicycles that can cost thousands of dollars.Read More »

The Web Development Dictionary

The Web Development Dictionary

Let’s just go ahead and call out the elephant in the room: it’s been an embarrassingly long time since my last post on the blog. Like 7 whole weeks long. Yikes. The long story short is there’s been a lot going on over here in the last two months. IRead More »

Do you know who owns your website?

Why you should never let your web designer register your domain

The Complete Account Checklist for Website Owners I couldn’t tell you the number of clients I’ve worked with who either didn’t know the credentials for their domain name or hosting account. It’s more than I can count on both hands, and it’s probably more than 50% of the clients I’veRead More »

The Web Design Dictionary: A Non-Designer's Guide to Web Design Terminology // Amanda Schoedel Creative

The Web Design Dictionary

A Non-Designer’s Guide to Web Design Terms Working with a web designer for the first time can be extremely overwhelming, especially when you start hearing terms like layout, mockup, and responsive design. Designers have a language of their own, and it’s a language that most people aren’t fluent in. It’sRead More »

Before: Pilgrim Lutheran Church and School website /

Before: Pilgrim Lutheran

Today I’m giving a shoutout to my newest client: Pilgrim Lutheran Church and School. I just started a really exciting design project with Pilgrim, which includes a complete overhaul of their website. I’ll be working on this one over the next couple of months and sharing some progress along theRead More »